Creative Minds

In my opinion, one of the greatest attributes that set humans apart from the rest of creation is our ability to create. When I look at huge skyscrapers, take apart an engine or research new technology, I find it amazing that we are even capable of these things. The fact that we can observe the world around us and study how it works so that we can use it to create things of our own is mind blowing to me. In a small way, woodworking encapsulates all of this.

From experience in the shop we know which species of wood will be most flexible, tough, soft, mellow or bright in tone and light or dark. Knowing how these woods will work we can then use them most effectively to create whatever we have in our minds. Whether it is a chair, table, violin or timber frame house they are all possible tasks with a little creativity and understanding of our medium. In this craft anyone can express their imagination with a little hard work and create something they are proud of.

I can’t help but ponder over every step, layout line, saw cut and reference edge when I am thinking up a new project. Before I even touch a piece of lumber I have already built the project in my mind a thousand times, and when I am done it looks just as I pictured it days, or even years back when the idea first entered my mind. I can’t help but say, thank you God for giving us minds that can create in some small way like Your’s.


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